Saffron Striders Championship 2018

WMA Table Update: Calculations have been updated to use the 2015 tables, which gives slightly less advantage with age. Details by Alan Jones (no, not that one) here.

New - 12 Oct 18: Results from Wimpole Hall Half added. Many new runners now listed.
RANK STRIDER M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bonus Total
1Alan Jones64.5068.7672.2371.6867.3667.0374.9067.0360613
2Andrew Mynott76.0879.8178.7678.5084.7569.8973.2560601
3June Brennan81.4578.8679.0477.2780.6857.3076.1760591
4Martin Green66.1671.0372.1069.9169.7759.6368.8860537
5Mark Fitzhenry68.5668.0966.6963.1769.3956.1863.5670526
6Joe Hall65.0167.4971.8068.3467.3668.0953.7260522
7Fiona Halls66.3076.0175.2375.0476.3363.8170503
8Neil Halls59.2563.7962.8462.1460.4966.2850.5070495
9Tom Platts53.0163.3666.7467.0665.6272.2262.1240490
10Kate Holden74.1373.1871.7675.1560.1368.2660483
11Graeme Loudain68.9671.7271.2465.8173.7860.3360472
12Marco Arcidiacono64.4269.8568.0668.0072.1432.8965.9130471
13Alistair Cooke51.2758.3362.1360.0359.9462.8152.7840447
14Helen Hewlett64.9965.4963.9262.2164.2754.2650425
15Andrew Flind67.7570.0468.9668.8973.8132.8930412
16Arthur Oliva64.2568.3963.5766.7855.2462.7920401
17Mark Thackstone58.6964.8066.7859.3468.1350368
18Barry Taylor54.1968.8867.7462.9061.5630345
19Nigel Coates72.6977.4258.9871.7350331
20Michael Bradley48.0749.1341.0152.7939.9770301
21Lee Gamble62.1960.4865.2548.9760297
22Ian MacDougall73.3181.9186.9050292
23David Raimondo56.2568.0871.1750245
24Rebecca White66.0078.0161.3940245
25Robert Shaw62.8165.8645.8560235
26Iain Henley70.5575.0958.7330234
27Niall Sullivan61.5564.2960.6240226
28Janet Lipski74.2978.1261.9910224
29Linda Brett56.4761.2862.1940220
30Tina Hamilton61.0865.0146.2540212
31Tim McMahon55.1273.1232.1250210
32Nick White66.6076.2666.90210
33Margit Wendelberger James70.5172.2146.7210199
34Guy Tremayne49.9162.8455.8930199
35John James65.8165.3360191
36Zib Gotto68.7056.7560185
37James Bussell53.3361.0942.6320177
38Mark Coutts48.6865.7250164
39Larry Seligman60.8849.7150161
40Russell Peters43.4253.2858.61155
41Rachel Cornell41.4137.2043.8331.74154
42Matthew Billis63.4769.9320153
43Nikki Coutts41.2352.5350144
44Bridget Savill62.8449.4430142
45Toby Lumsden76.6345.0620142
46Trish Cooke59.5036.1140136
47Lisa Plumb57.1447.5830135
48Jackie Lucas64.2946.6520131
49Chris Dodge83.7340124
50Helen Howard53.9846.6220121
51Jenny Rankin51.4836.9730118
52John Selby57.3750.77108
53David Tew56.3941.2910108
54Eilidh Leitch55.1737.0710102
55James Hewlett48.845099
56Julia Dolman57.324097
57Paul Burgess46.6649.5096
58Keith Savill65.803096
59Iain Rogers42.075092
60Tim Tait69.392089
61Chloe Brown68.822089
62Roger Reents Curbelo68.742089
63Yasmin Marsh54.4632.1187
64Andy Bryant63.042083
65Paula Thurston52.893083
66Ann Walker40.6031.391082
67Clare Little38.1032.111080
68Fliss Tournant59.462079
69Becky Howe59.442079
70Tony Bacon68.001078
71Mel Hallam52.0924.4177
72Natalie Fuller43.003073
73Carolyn Thackstone52.902073
74Valerie Foreman36.4024.401071
75Jo Dallas48.822069
76Cindy Drinnan58.521069
77Jo Pawley47.962068
78Kathryn Butterworth67.7468
79Mark Frow47.702068
80Helen Marks57.091067
81Liz Blake42.1924.5567
82Gina Holley56.341066
83Cath Baker40.8723.8665
84Simon Chambers54.721065
85Darren Barnes63.9764
86Russell Sanford53.481063
87Steven McNicolas63.2963
88Katherine Gill42.152062
89Chris Outtersides61.5362
90Jayne Kendrick-Jones49.821060
91Vivienne Prentice59.3159
92Rosmarie McArdle48.711059
93Jonathan Moller48.111058
94Glen Brennan46.871057
95Jacqueline Lamers45.711056
96Paul Long53.9654
97Jason Coles43.531054
98Sophie Rockley53.5254
99Richard Slade42.941053
100Ian Scott51.6352
101Rebecca Hyland-Hawkins50.3350
102Wendy Howell49.9050
103Simon Ollerenshaw49.3849
104Patrick Guest49.1849
105Archie Ruggles-Brise48.5549
106Steven Foster47.9048
107James Rye37.611048
108Pauline Squires47.0347
109Rachel Dodds36.971047
110Kate Poulter46.7447
111Jennifer Thackstone46.5347
112Ian Beecroft44.4444
113Justyna Danisewicz44.3944
114Lucie Heanley4040
115Julie Paynter26.2726
116Sacha Leach25.4725
117Stuart Gibson2020
118Siobhan Gibson2020
119Anna Kotowska2020
120Gavin Long2020
121Shani Lewis1010
122Mike Paynter1010
123Julia Wyatt1010

Event Date
MAny official marathon or ultra run during the year 
1Haverhill 10k11th March 2018
2St Clare’s Hospice 10k8th April 2018
3Braintree 5M20th May 2018
4Henham 10K24th June 2018
5Stortford 5M1st July 2018
6KH League 5K race - Carver Barracks12th July 2018
7Club Trail Race - Fran's Saffron SaunterTues 21st Aug 2018
8Wimpole Half Marathon7th Oct 2018
9Stebbing 10M11th Nov 2018
10Buntingford 10M30th Dec 2018

1Points are awarded based on your age graded performance (WMA) in each race. E.g. a WMA score of 62% will result in 62 points.
2The best 8 out of the 10 listed races to count, or 7 of the listed races plus any official marathon or ultra.
3 10 bonus points to be awarded for competing or marshalling/helping at each of the KH 5K events and XC league events during the year. Note bonus points are not awarded for the listed 5k race.