Saffron Striders Championship 2017

The 2016 Championship table is available here.

New - 23 May 17: Added various bonus points.
RANK STRIDER M 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Bonus Total
1Alan Jones63.2567.8067.8267.8350317
2Andy Bryant63.9466.2167.4170.3530298
3Jason Coles49.8156.5356.1157.1040260
4Tony Bacon74.7173.8774.8230253
5Joe Hall67.3167.2168.0950253
6Marianne Naylor73.8571.3974.5810230
7Neil Halls61.6760.5261.3840224
8Robert Shaw64.4760.9566.2320212
9Lisa Plumb55.6057.7355.6940209
10Matthew Billis62.2668.4266.7510207
11Guy Tremayne57.9857.3758.2430204
12Kate Holden72.5770.5850193
13Fiona Halls74.9473.7940189
14Ian MacDougall80.2680.5220181
15James Hewlett65.9866.0340172
16Mark Coutts66.0065.8140172
17Mark Fitzhenry66.2165.3340172
18Toby Lumsden74.0072.5720167
19Simon Ollerenshaw49.9152.1860.15162
20Mark Thackstone62.1158.8540161
21Marco Arcidiacono59.2065.7530155
22Stuart Gibson62.6161.8130154
23Nikki Coutts54.5953.6340148
24Michael Bradley47.5550.6050148
25Alistair Cooke52.8553.0940146
26Barry Taylor59.8463.8820144
27Gavin Long55.2270.7710136
28Andrew Flind66.7267.14134
29Cindy Drinnan64.6766.47131
30John Selby44.0850.8310105
31Helen Hewlett62.5340103
32Andrew Mynott78.572099
33Keith Savill57.804098
34David Raimondo67.553098
35Tim McMahon61.483091
36Nick White74.351084
37Rebecca White63.792084
38Iain Henley69.891080
39John James67.351077
40Margit Wendelberger James67.021077
41Martin Green65.681076
42Simon Chambers53.941064
43Helen Howard52.721063
44Tony Kelly60.7261
45Archie Ruggles-Brise55.7256
46Paul Burgess47.4247
47Bridget Savill4040
48Claire Head3030
49Bryn Reynolds3030
50Iain Rogers3030
51Fliss Tournant3030
52Trish Cooke2020
53Oliver Diggins2020
54Zib Gotto2020
55Arthur Oliva2020
56Niall Sullivan2020
57Karen Baddeley1010
58June Brennan1010
59Nigel Coates1010
60David Cronk1010
61Chris Dodge1010
62Gina Holley1010
63Monica Krylander1010
64Janet Lipski1010
65Steven McNicolas1010
66Lorraine Melton1010
67Jonathan Moller1010
68James Rye1010
69Larry Seligman1010

Event Date
MAny marathon or ultra run during the year 
1 and 2Haverhill 10k, 1/2M or full marathon.9th April 2017
3Ashdon 10K1st May 2017
4Great Baddow 10M14th May 2017
5 and 6Rickling 5K or 10K25th June 2017
7 and 8Stortford 5M or 10M2nd July 2017
9Club Trail Race - TBDAugust 2017
10KH League 5k3rd Aug 2017
11Pleshey Half Marathon24th Oct 2017
12Stebbing 10M12th Nov 2017
13XC League raceDec 2017

1Points are awarded based on your age graded performance (WMA) in each race. A WMA score of 62% will result in 62 points.
2The best 8 out of the 10 listed races to count.
3 10 bonus points to be awarded for competing or marshalling/helping at each of the KH 5K events and XC league events during the year.